The Amnesty Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab creates space for innovation to occur.
We will provide opportunities to allow others to identify ideas, provide the tools to cultivate them, and foundations to assess them honestly.  

When the Innovation Lab began in June 2017 it started as a growth project with the aim to grow AIUSA to 2 million supporters taking 6 meaningful actions a year. We knew the only way to grow was to embrace a culture of experimentation and failure. The Lab opened a testing process, introduced the concept of testing across the organization, approved and then helped manage over 20 tests. Now, as the Inno Lab approaches year three we have an expanded approach. 

The Inno Lab’s expanded mandate includes:

  •     Support all innovation and experimentation across the organization
  •     Work with AIUSA staff to use data and the new data dashboard to find opportunities for innovation
  •     Create spaces and opportunities for innovative thinking
  •     To build a shared understanding and culture around testing by creating an organization-wide framework that staff can use to help develop test ideas
  •     Continue approving and running toe tests through the Innovation Lab
  •     Launch a Member Advisory Council to source ideas, approve, and assist with member testing

This expanded scope of the Innovation Lab will help AIUSA build a stronger, more diverse membership, more exciting engagement opportunities, and exponentially increased potential for impact.

If you want to propose a test idea through the Innovation Lab that will receive Inno Lab funding, you still can. We are looking for test ideas that will help: 

  •       Grow supporter base
  •       Deepen engagement of supporters
  •       Diversifying supporter base
  •       Build better systems and processes

To propose an idea for Innovation Lab funding, please fill out this form and email it to Julie Michel [email protected] 

For examples on how to structure your form, please check out these framework examples

If you have an idea for testing but do not require Inno Lab funding, you are strongly recommended to use the Inno Lab framework which will help ensure that all across AIUSA there is a shared language and knowledge around testing

If you are interested in learning about the upcoming Member Advisory Council for Innovation, contact Julie Michel [email protected]

If you are interested in learning more about how we can use data to design test ideas, contact Christina Saenz [email protected]